Events in Marche Region December 2015

Christmas in Urbino – Live Nativity Scene

Town: Urbino

Province: Pesaro Urbino

Date: from 6th December 2015 to January 2016

Not to be missed the “Renaissance Live Nativity Scene in Urbino 2015” set in the picturesque Palazzo Albani in the courtyard of which the Shepherds’s Adoration by Perugino will be rebuilt. Piazza della Repubblica will instead host the markets and the courtyard of College Raffaello will be the place of tournaments, workshops for children and historical games. Piazza della Repubblica will be then enlivened by a Renaissance historical market in which trades dating to the ‘400s will be showed, faithfully recalling miniatures of the time. Palazzo Nuovo will instead be enlivened thanks to the aforementioned Renaissance Living Nativity, but also thanks to exhibitors and crafts sellers related to the world of nativity scenes. The result will be a path of high quality craftsmanship within the picturesque palace in the heart of Urbino.

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Communication Office, Departments of Culture and Tourism of the City of Urbino

Tel: +39 0722 309222; +39 0722 3091


Candles in Candelara Christmas Market

Town: Candelara

Province: Pesaro Urbino

Date: 28th, 29th November, 5th,6th,7th,8th,12th,13th December2015

Candele in Candelara” is the first Italian Christmas market dedicated to candles. It confirms its growing success prolonging the duration, for the second consecutive year, to three weekends, to allow thousands of

visitors from all over Italy to admire the most suggestive and colorful festival dedicated to candles. The festival is this year enriched with important news.

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Tel: 0721286693


Christmas markets in the City of Beer

Town: Apecchio

Province: Pesaro Urbino

Date: 6thDecember 2015

Many gift ideas, chestnuts and mulled wine, hot chocolate, soft music, creativity workshops for children, highly selected exhibitors, this all in Apecchio, an ancient village belonging to theMountain Community of Catria and Nerone. It preserves various Renaissance relics and vestiges left by the Ubaldinicounts, including the beautiful Palazzo Ubaldini, whose basements house the interesting Fossils and Minerals Museum of Monte Nerone. Not to be missed in the hamlet Colombara, at the foot of Monte Nerone, is the Globe of Peace, the largest ever built, included in the Guinness World Records.

Info event:

Comune di Apecchio

Tel: 0722 989004


In the Castle of Santa Claus

Town: Frontone

Province: Pesaro Urbino

Date: 29th November, 6th/7th/8th/13th December2015

A castle full of surprises! Christmas gift ideas and an absolutely charming atmosphere enliven the ancient Castle of Frontone. In a splendid scenery dominated by the 1701 mt. Mount Catria, Frontone is waiting for you with the thirteenth edition of “In the Castle of Santa Claus”. A Christmas Market in the Castle of Frontone (XI Century). A great reason to experience this territory, nestled between Umbria and Marche, in the hinterland of the Province of Pesaro Urbino. It all starts from the Town Hall Square, where visitors wait for the arrival of a shuttlebus, under a majestic Christmas tree. The climb is exciting because, after a few minutes, you can already see the castle in its hushed atmosphere. Just got off, tourists are fascinated right away by this limestone medieval town, while the Horse by Dall’Osso, an iron and copper sculpture, with its mane in the wind greets the Massif Catria and welcomes visitors at the entrance to the castle.Chestnuts and mulled wine, Santa Claus specially invited for children who take part in the event, exhibitors selected by an internal committee of the Pro Loco to offer guests impeccable quality products to be found along the numerous heated rooms of the Castle. In the past, the Castle of Frontone was a fortification of border and surveillance in the area crossed by the Romans to reach the Adriatic, and the last stronghold of the Duchy of Montefeltro between ‘400 and’ 500.

Info event: Municipality of Frontone

Tel:339 8429426

Christmas Castle


Province: Pesaro Urbino

Date:from 29th November 2015 to 6th January 2016

Do not miss out on holidays the numerous initiatives, which range from traditional handcrafts to gift ideas in the shops of the historical center, from entertainment and music activities to wine tasting and guided tours in the castle of Paolo and Francesca and in its basement.

For the occasion, it will open the “Santa Claus’ House”,with its goblins and fire-eaters. The Fortress of Gradara and its fortified village are one of the30 best preserved medieval structures in Italy. The Castle,rich in Renaissance frescoes, is scenery of the unfortunate love of Paolo and Francesca, immortalized by the verses in Canto V of Inferno in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. To be visited the walkways on the battlements, the Historical Museum, the Caves of Gradara, the Church of St. John and the Garden of Olive Trees in Via Cappuccini.

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Pro Loco Gradara:

Tel: 0541 964115

Christmas “Ciocco Visciola”

Town: Pergola

Province: Pesaro Urbino

Date: from 6th to 8th December 2015

Not to be missed and a unique opportunity to visit the Magical World of Santa Claus. The theme of the new edition is “Christmas Cioccovisciola”. This year has been set up a space dedicated to Santa Claus and his world, where both children and adults can have fun and participate in many initiatives in the magical Christmas atmosphere. Thisfestival combines chocolate and Christmas pastries to markets, traditions, artists, gift ideas and local products, along downtown streets. Pergola is famous for its truffles and for the famous Gilt Bronzes from Cartoceto. The bronzes date back to the Julio-Claudian period(between 50 and 30 a. C.)and represent the only gilded bronze group in the world coming from the Roman period to today. It was found by chance in the countryside and is currently housed in the Museum of the Gilded Bronzes of the city. Moreover, Pergola, also known as the city of the hundred churches, is rich in precious works of art.

Info event: Municipality of Pergola

Tel: 0721 73731


Markets, Concerts, Taste and historical, cultural and traditional events

Town: Pesaro

Province: Pesaro Urbino

Date: from 5th December 2015 to 6th January 2016

Markets, shopping, Christmas carols, candlelight dinners immersed in culture and tradition,Christmas handcraft, herbalists and opening of museums, monuments and libraries. The shops of the city centre promote through Sunday openings and entertainment activities and they create some sort of “market”, by setting up stalls with their products, in the streets of the old town.

A packed schedule to spend one’s holidays, with more than 200 events in five weeks and a choice which goes from shopping to gifts, art, music and culture. There will also be the opportunity to visit palaces, museums and libraries, and for good food lovers…food and wine tasting. Finally, meetings with experts and workshops for children, entertainment and much more are organized. Pesaro is known for its low and sandy coast.

To be visited: Palazzo Ducale, the birthplace of GioachinoRossini, the Cathedral with a double mosaic floor, the Villino Ruggeri as a splendid example of Art Nouveau, the Renaissance jewels of Villa Caprile and Villa Imperiale.

Info event: Municipality of Pesaro (Tourism Office)

Tel: 0721 387107

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Nativity of St. Mark

Town: Fano

Province: Pesaro Urbino

Date: from 25th December 2015 to 6th January 2016

Located in the cellars of the eighteenth-century Palazzo Fabbri, the crib will cover an area of almost 350 square meters, with 50 scenes (dioramas) depicting biblical scenes from the Old and New Testament. The characters of various sizes set up in a Palestinian landscape and rebuilt with realism and care for details, are characterized by the movement. The city of Fano, the ancient and noble Fanum Fortunae, was an important sacred centre dedicated to the Goddess of Fortune. Roman settlement, it has many monuments (dating back to the Augustan era), such as the Arch of Augustus that is the door to the ancient Via Flaminia. From the Malatesta period the city maintains a monumental court with beautiful late-Gothic mullioned windows and a Renaissance loggia. In the city centre to be visited is the sixteenth century Fountain of Fortune, in front of which is the Historical theatre of the same name, formerly Palazzo della Ragione. In the immediate surroundings of Fano is the unmissable Hermitage of Monte Giove, a place of prayer and meditation.

Event info: Fano Tourism Office –

Tel: 0721 887314


Town: Fano

Province: Pesaro Urbino

Date: from 6th December 2015 to 6th January 2016

The city of Fano, the ancient and noble Fanum Fortunae, was an importantsacredcentre dedicated to the Goddess of Fortune. Roman settlement, it has many monuments (dating back to the Augustan era), such as the Arch of Augustus that is the door to the ancient Via Flaminia. From the Malatesta period the city maintains a monumental court with beautiful late-Gothic mullioned windows and a Renaissance loggia. In the city centreto be visited isthe sixteenth century Fountain of Fortune, in front of which is the Historical theatre of the same name, formerly Palazzo della Ragione.

Info event: Municipality of Fano, Tourism Office



National Day of the Epiphany

City: Urbania

Province: Pesaro Urbino

Dates: from 2nd to 6th January 2016

In memory of ancient customs, Urbaniais a candidate as the most original and suitable town to host the “House of the Epiphany.” This festivalis important for many reasons, the first one of is, undoubtedly, the rediscovery of the pedagogical meaning related to Befana, as well as the folk and traditional aspect of this character in children’s imaginary. Urbania, the ancient Castel Durante, since the Renaissance has been renowned for the splendor of its ceramics. Among its attractions, the sixteenth century Palazzo Ducale, in whose historic cellars is the Museum of the History of Agriculture and Crafts, countless Churches, the unique Cemetery of the Mummies, the Diocesan Museum with its collection of ceramics, the Cathedral of San Cristoforo and the Teatro Bramante.

Info event: City of Urbania –

Tel:Pro Loco Casteldurante 0722 317211

It’s Christmas time – Mombaroccio in Festa

City: Mombaroccio

Province: Pesaro Urbino

Dates: 28th and 29th November and 5th-6th and 7th-8th December 2015

Since the opening of the market until 9:00 p.m.,inside the Medieval village of Mombaroccio it’s a succession of events and entertainment.

Market of artistic crafts, tastes, traditions, music, lights, and colours of the typical Christmas atmosphere. Exceptional snowfalls are taking place at sunset, accompanied by the music of pipers until reaching the Nativity. Particular attention to children who can immerse themselves in the magic of the Winter Landscape, or in the House of Santa Claus, where Santa Claus himself will tell tales and receive the letters. The space of the Municipal Theatre will be entirely dedicated to children with puppet shows, recited and sand animation tales. Also, a market of typical products will be within the “Cloister of Flavours”, where some of the culinary excellence of our territory can be tasted. Again art and culture, throughout the event, the Museum of Rural Life (museum which participated in the creation of the historical movie “Il Giovane Favoloso” by Martone), Sacred Art, Embroidery and the Laboratory of Galileo and Guidubaldo can be visited.

Event info:

Pro Loco Mombaroccio –


Nativity Scene Town

Town: Mondolfo

Province: PesaroUrbino

Date: 26th – 27th December2015 and 6th January 2016

Mondolfo becomes once again the capital of the crib, with the preparing of Presepe Paese that is a huge nativity scene set up along the old streets and districts of the city centre, with its castle surrounded by a double curtain wall.

Completely re-equipped with a new route designed to discover new views of the Castle, Presepe Paese still is the biggest live nativity scene of the mid-Adriatic coast.

During the festive season, Mondolfo then annually attracts thousands of visitors thanks to the beauty of its places and the charm of Christmas in a City Balcony over the Sea”. Free entrance.

Info event:

Parish of Santa Giustina –

Tel: 0721 957257

Live Nativity Scene

Town: Piobbico


Date: 27th December 2015

Do not miss the live nativity scene in the medieval village of Piobbico. From Piazza Sant’Antonio to Brancaleoni Palace, children and adults dressed in traditional costumes give life to this live crib where animated paintings allow to relive the highlights of the Nativity. Free admission.

Opening hours to the public: from 4.30p.m. till 08.30p.m.

Info event:

Municipality of Piobbico –

Tel: 0722 986225


Forum Shopping

Town: Fossombrone

Province: PesaroUrbino

Date: 8thDecember 2015 to 6th January 2016

From 8th December to 6th January2016, the historical center of Fossombrone will be animatedby a Christmas party spirit.

From 4.00 p.m. festivelightsandbrighttrees will frame this natural shopping centre with its more than 80 shops open. In addition to this, you are offered a traditional show of Snow &Show (artificial snowfall to the rhythm of music and lightall along the main street), live music, street artists, the mysterious sound of a magic harp that sounds without strings or cute puzzles and cunning puzzles to play with.

Children can also sitto listen to animated fairy tales, see Santa Claus exceptionally arrive with his elves by canoe on the Metauro River to cheer up the children who have been good and live the “Day of Santas” which will all run through the centre to entertain children and adults.

Info event:

Following the Comet

Town: Montemaggiore al Metauro

Province: Pesaro Urbino

Date: 6th, 8th and 13th December 2015

No pilgrimage and no observatory from which to get lost in the immensity of the sky, but a different way to draw attention to one of the many pre-Christmas events, somewhere between the sacred and the profane, between religion and materialism. An appointment created in 1998 when the administrators of the City of Montemaggiore al Metauro thought about a new initiative to promote the great mechanized crib made by the parish priest, and at the same time to raise awareness of the historical town center. Something born as a challenge to attract tourists and turned into a regular event with its 18th edition this year.

“Following the Comet” is a traditional Christmas market but it’s important among the events of this period, being it one of the first experiments of this kind in the hinterland of the province of Pesaro and Urbino. In these 18 years so many offers and side events have been created around the traditional nucleus that the old town centre of Montemaggiore is crowded by people coming for the most various reasons. Some people do not want to miss the crib show: an event exciting children watching “puppets” moving, the day alternating with the night, the running of water…Some people can not wait to find original ideas for their Christmas gifts, some want to enjoy the mix of light and artistic projections, the many exhibitors with art objects, collectibles, curiosities and handcrafts and some are tempted through the delicacies at the Proloco stands: chestnuts and mulled wine, chocolate and biscuits, taverns open for lunch and dinner, stands for fast food with flatbread, pizza and snacks and the Happy Christmas Hour with Beer “Prosit” accompanied by great music until late in the evening. In short, Following the Comet in Montemaggiore means walking along a path leading to know the beauty of the historical center, immersed in a wonderful winter landscape thanks to the twinkling lights and animations.

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Town: Macerata Feltria

Province: Pesaro Urbino

Date: 6th, 8th December 2015

Macerata Feltria will also this year be transformed into Wonderland. Fabulous sceneries and stunning lighting effects make the Castle, ancient medieval village of the town, the perfect setting for a “magical world”. The true stars of this Wonderland are Children, with their dreams and their imagination, that make adults revive the magic of a “fairy tale”.

Info event: 0722 74244 –

The Cribs’ Routes

Town: Urbino

Province: PesaroUrbino

Date: from 5th December 2015 to 6th January 2016

In Urbino it will be held,also this year,the traditional event “the CribsRoutes. Tens of cribs will be set up in the streets, in the squares, inhistoricalbuildings and in the Oratories of the city.The Cribs’ Routespresentsa rich programof initiatives, concerts and Christmas carols. A further point of excellence will be set up inside the building where the cribs will be located on display, together with excellent antiques and jewelry and works by artisans of Urbino and the surrounding area. Reenactments and parades, drums and fire shows. The Ducal Palace, example of Renaissance architecture and home to the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche(National Art Gallery of the Marche), houses art masterpieces. Next to it stands the Cathedral, with its two masterpieces by Federico Barocci. Here it is also housed the Diocesan Museum Alban and, in the crypt, the Oratory della Grotta. Not to be missed are St. Joseph and St. John’s oratories, Raphael’s home – museum and the Albornoz Fortress.

Info event:

Tel: 07222613, Fax: 07222441

Live Nativity Scene

Town: Genga

Province: Ancona

Date: 26th December 2015

The live nativity scene in Genga is the largest in the world by extension; it covers an area of about 30,000 square meters inside the Frasassi Gorge, in the homonymous Park. The crib was first performed in 1981 from an idea of some people from Genga. Since then, the “Friends of the crib” organize two performances a year. The great work of setting up is carried out with passion and intelligence by the inhabitants of Genga who spend most of their time, skills and expertise to relive the event that changed the world history. The event is attended by about 300 people, committed to relive the traditions that have sustained and animated the daily life of this area. Along the path that leads to the Nativity, shepherds, fishermen and farmers intent on their work, mark the ascent to the event contemplation being celebrated.

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Festival del Cortometraggio Italiano “Corto Dorico”

Comune: Ancona

Provincia: Ancona

Date: from 5th to 12th December 2015

The twelfth edition of “Short Doric” Ancona Film Festival will be held from 5th to 12th December 2015, with the co-organization of Nie Wiem and Municipality of Ancona, the contribution of Mibact, Region Marche, Foundation Marche Cinema Multimedia and the support of the Polytechnic University of Marche, Cooss Marche, Coop Adriatica, iGuzzini and Amnesty International Italia. Under the artistic direction of Daniel Ciprì, among the sponsors of the festival, along with Steve della Casa and Toni Servillo, the prestigious competition will award the Stamura Prize, established under the auspices of the SEF Stamura sport association. The Best Short Film will be awarded with € 5,000 and a 3D statuette designed by an artist selected by The Hive, coworking and incubator of enterprises of Ancona ( Among other prizes to be won, the Amnesty International Italia Award for Human Rights (€ 250), the Nie Wiem Prize for the Best Short Film with social commitment (€ 2,000) and the Cooss Marche Award (€ 500). The final will take place in the picturesque Mole Vanvitelliana of Ancona.

Info event:

Cultural Association Nie Wiem –

Tel: 329 8887357 – 349 3479730